Canada in the First World War

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South West Qubec

Veterans of World War 1
This is a work in progress

This is a an attempt to document the soldiers from South-West Quebec that participated in the Great War (1914-1919). The area is roughly defined as the area covered by the Chateauguay Valley Regional School, including the areas around Ormstown, Huntingdon, Howick, Hemmingford and Valleyfield. The names of the men that appear on this list were compiled from the war memorials Huntingdon, Ormstown, Riverfield and Valleyfield, names published in the Huntingdon Gleaner, and studies of attestation papers.

South West Quebec

If you know of any veterans of either World War, or have any other information on anyone on this list, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Note: you can see some letters from some of these soldiers here, and other regional articles culled from the Huntingdon Gleaner here. Stastical interpretation of the information entered for these men can be seen here.

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  • Sandy, Issac Richard
  • Saunders, Thomas P. (MM?)
  • Scott, George Frederick
  • Sedgewick, Jessie Middleton
  • Sellar, Leslie W. (RAF)
  • Sellar, R. Watson
  • Shackelton, Ernest
  • Shanks, Albert Livingston M.D.
  • Shanks, Daniel Albert RAF
  • Shanks, Fred D. (66Bn, son of Daniel Shanks)
  • Shanks, George M.D.
  • Shaw, Cranston
  • Shaw, Robert Black
  • Shearer, Gordon Leith
  • Shirriff, Francis McNider M.I.D.
  • Signoret, Maurice
  • Sillifant, Leonard
  • Simond, Walter
  • Singleton, Richard
  • Sloan, David (Lieut. xfer BEF)
  • Sloan, W. J. M.C. (Rockburn, enlisted BC approx 1916, New Westminister)
  • Smith, Albert
  • Smith, Elmer William
  • Smith, Henry Bennett
  • Smith, Jack H.
  • Smith, John McPhee
  • Smith, Sidney
  • Smith, William Lettingham
  • Smith, William W. (Clydes Corners?)
  • Stalie, William Stacie (8118)
  • Stalker, James William Henry (Harry)
  • Stark, George Cecil
  • Stark, Stephen
  • Starr, Clarence L.
  • Steele, Edwin Willard
  • Stevenson, James (from Beechridge, father minister)
  • Stevenson, Nesbitt W.
  • Stewart, Fred Clarence
  • Stewart, Hugh Fraser
  • St. Onge, Archie Ernest
  • Stone, Leonard Joseph
  • Stott, J. Lawrence
  • Sullivan, James
  • Sutherland, Walter E. (Lieut.) (possibly W.S.)
  • T
    • Vannes, Ernest G.
    • Vachon, George

    Anderson, Thomas Marshall likely 3087951 papers not available

    Anderson, Walter J. Papers not available on-line

    Armstrong, William Coulter Unsure of relationship to SWQ

    Beaune, Oliver No record in LAC

    Beauvais, Hector. Likely 177879 Papers not available on-line

    Bernhardt, William Edward. Likely 214295 No apparent connection

    Brown, John W. 42nd Battalion, returned to western Canada

    Birch, Harry. Born circa 1871 in England, emigrated to Canada circa 1897. Living in Riverfield in 1911 (Census) on farm of William McClanaghan. Died sometime prior to Dec. 1917. Maybe 100 Bn (Gleaner, Dec. 1917). Could be 216475 Papers not on-line

    Brown, R. S. from Valleyfield

    Cotton, Aubrey likely 121639 papers not available

    Crutchfield, Howard: Reffered to in Gleaner as Harold

    Fisher, J.H. Enlisted 66th CFA, Address given as St. Regis, Quebec. Transferred Reserve Brigade, F.C.A. 15.8.17

    Hurry, William Forbes 177849 Papers not available

    Heatherington, Charles. Enlisted Grenadier Guards, born in London, England, worked in Huntingdon.

    MacGregor, James Albert CAMC papers not available

    Napier, Frank. This is likely Reg No 443057

    Rollit, Arthur A. Gleaner lists as PPCLI, not in nominal roll. Likely 475409 Lt. Arthur Augustus, father Rev. Canon John Rollit

    Ross, J. H. Drummond, Lieutinent. Served with Royal Horse Artillery, BEF. MC link, MID Link

    Thompson, sidney/Sid Gleaner has KIA April 1917. No record in CWGC

    Welsh, James. Listed in the 1901 census as being born 14/5/1890.