13th Battalion
The Royal Highlanders of Canada

Awards given to members of the 13th Battalion, Black Watch of Canada during the Great War


The following summarizes the awards given to the 13th Battalion

Victoria Cross

Lance-Corporal Fred Fisher
Lance-Sergeant Herman J. Good
Private John B. Croak
Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Clark-Kennedy
Lieutenant Milton F. Gregg

Knight Commander of the Bath

Major-General Sir F. O. W. Loomis

Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Major-General Sir F. O. W. Loomis
Brigadier-General G. E. McCuaig
Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Clark-Kennedy

Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Lieutenant-Colonel E. R. Brown

Distinguished Service Order and Bar

Major General Sir F. O. W. Loomis
Brigadier-General G. E. McCuaig
Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Clark-Kennedy
Lieutenant-Colonel K. M. Perry

Distinguished Service Order

Lieutenant-Colonel V. C. Buchanan
Lieutenant-Colonel A. G. Cameron
Lieutenant-Colonel T. S. Morrise
Lieutenant-Colonel I. M. R. Sinclair
Major F. S. Mathewson
Major D. R. McCuaig
Major E. E. Graham
Captain H. A. Johnston
Captain H. M. Wallis
Lieutenant W. D. C. Christie

Officer of the Order of the British Empire

Major J. Jeffery
Major W. J. Taylor

Member of the Order of the British Empire

Captain G. W. R. Simpson

Military Cross and Bar

Major W. E. Macfarlane
Lieutenant J. E. Christie
Lieutenant W. F. McGovern
Lieutenant M. F. Gregg

Military Cross

Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Lovett
Lieutenant-Colonel I. M. R. Sinclair
Major E. E. Graham
Major J. Jeffery
Major J. D. Macpherson
Captain E. Appleby
Captain J. B. Beddome
Captain G. W. Brown
Captain R. L. Calder
Captain H. H. Chanter
Captain H. A. Cochrane
Captain R. M. Hebden
Captain R. E. Heaslip
Captain H. A. Johnston
Captain C. D. Llwyd
Captain W. S. M. MacTier
Captain C. B. Pitblado
Captain A. J. Plant
Captain F. S. Stowell
Captain H. M. Wallis
Lieutenant A. W. Aitchison
Lieutenant K. G. Blackader
Lieutenant M. L. Brady
Lieutenant D. L. Carstairs
Lieutenant P. E. Corbett
Lieutenant L. C. Drummond
Lieutenant W. E. Dunning
Lieutenant J. R. Ferguson
Lieutenant W. E. Foxen
Lieutenant W. G. Hamilton
Lieutenant W. T. Hornby
Lieutenant O. B. Krenchel
Lieutenant J. Lothian
Lieutenant A. N. Sclater
R.S.M. F. Butler

Distinguished Conduct Medal and Bar

Lieutenant W. M. Jones
R.S.M. F. Butler
Sergeant F. W. D. Sorby

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Lieutenant R. C. Bigland
Lieutenant O. B. Krenchel
Lieutenant J. F. MacLean
R.S.M. T. Sim
C.S.M. F. Ableson
C.S.M. E. C. Brown
C.S.M. C. A. Bulloch
C.S.M. E. Evans
C.S.M. C. F. E. Hall
C.S.M. N. Osborne
C.S.M. G. Watson
Sergeant W. S. Blyth
Sergeant P. Bowman
Sergeant W. A. Cooper
Sergeant H. Davis
Sergeant C. Doolittle
Sergeant H. Fox
Sergeant F. T. Fraser
Sergeant W. Hannaford
Sergeant R. Hooton
Sergeant T. Imrie
Sergeant V. Jenkins
Sergeant V. T. Keough
Sergeant E. Latour
Sergeant A. McLeod
Sergeant W. C. Morrison
Sergeant E. J. Moore
Sergeant D. Simard
Sergeant L. Woodward
Lance-Sergeant J. G. Dickie
Lance-Sergeant A. Fernie
Lance-Seargeant P. Way
Corporal S. B. Edwards
Corporal A. McWade
Private J. Boutilier
Private J. B. Burnett
Private H. Danson
Private C. Hopton
Private J. Junor
Private T. McGuire
Private C. Raine

Meritorious Service Medal

R.Q.M.S. C. Millward
C.Q.M.S. A. H. McGeagh
C.S.M. D. H. Strutt
Sergeant J. A. Ayling
Sergeant D. S. Fraser
Sergeant W. Ganson
Sergeant A. G. Ovenden
Sergeant G. E. Wright
Lance-Corporal J. C. Sanders
Private W. R. Burden
Private F. W. Pyke

Military Medal and Bar

Lieutenant J. S. Buchanan
Sergeant W. Hannaford
Lieutenant W. Hamilton
Sergeant W. P. C. Kelly
Lieutenant F. L. Hayden
Sergeant M. H. Mills
Sergeant C. H. Camm
Corporal C. C. Smith
Sergeant J. A. Glazebrook
Private P. Costello
Private W. E. Trumper

Military Medal

Captain E. Appleby
Lieutenant J. Bonner
Lieutenant T. G. Crossley
Lieutenant M. R. DeLaurier
Lieutenant W. T. Hornby
Lieutenant P. D. Hoskins
Lieutenant W. I. Ibbot
Lieutenant H. G. Lawton
Lieutenant D. Stevenson
C.S.M. H. Gardner
C.S.M. C. F. E. Hall
C.S.M. C. A. Legros
C.S.M. R. Sandford
Sergeant K. Armstrong
Sergeant L. F. P. Bell
Sergeant W. S. Blyth
Sergeant O. G. Burtt
Sergeant A. Cartwright
Sergeant J. Davey
Sergeant H. Davis
Sergeant J. O. Davis
Sergeant A. Dunlop
Sergeant G. Dunmore
Sergeant A. French
Sergeant T. Graham
Sergeant A. A. Harper
Sergeant D. J. Hingley
Sergeant J. A. Houston
Sergeant E. Hughes
Sergeant W. W. Ireland
Sergeant W. McDonald
Sergeant J. T. McGuire
Sergeant A. L. McKenzie
Sergeant J. F. McLean
Sergeant G. Millar
Sergeant T. C. Newnham
Sergeant W. A. Parsons
Sergeant A. Petrie
Sergeant F. G. Petrie
Sergeant A. J. Potter
Sergeant J. Robertson
Sergeant H. Robson
Sergeant J. Ross
Sergeant N. A. Shields
Sergeant D. Simard
Sergeant G. C. Stronge
Sergeant B. K. Sweeney
Sergeant A. D. Traill
Sergeant R. Wale
Sergeant F. J. Walker
Sergeant H. R. Wall
Sergeant W. Ward
Sergeant J. E. Westerman
Sergeant H. W. Williamson
Sergeant L. Woodward
Sergeant E. G. Wright
Lance-Sergeant R. Haxton
Lance-Sergeant W. Hogarth
Lance-Seargeant W. H. A. Preddy
Lance-Sergeant T. Saunders
Corporal R. O. Atkins
Corporal R. E. Breckon
Corporal F. G. Caldicott
Corporal G. T. Cowan
Corporal J. Given
Corporal C. A. Goodwillie
Corporal W. S. Hampson
Corporal M. W. Heckbert
Corporal W. H. Hill
Corporal F. A. Jowett
Corporal M. Lincoln
Corporal J. H. Mclntrye
Corporal J. N. Montgomerie
Corporal C. Morison
Corporal J. Nicholson
Corporal W. J. Paul
Corporal C. A. Randell
Corporal H. Reardon
Corporal D. W. Ross
Corporal C. T. Tranter
Corporal J. Tupper
Corporal R. N. Watts
Lance-Corporal R. Ball
Lance-Corporal C. R. Bampton
Lance-Corporal E. Colpitts
Lance-Corporal E. Cunningham
Lance-Corporal A. Florence
Lance-Corporal P. B. Gamble
Lance-Corporal D. Guyer
Lance-Corporal E. Gyde
Lance-Corporal W. LeBlanc
Lance-Corporal W. D. Love
Lance-Corporal D. McKerrow
Lance-Corporal C. Oakley
Lance-Corporal W. F. Somerville
Lance-Corporal J. R. Watts
Lance-Corporal Z. M. Wynn
Private J. W. L. Allen
Private A. Anderson
Private R. Anderson
Private J. H. Barbour
Private W. Beauparlant
Private F. Borden
Private F. Bridcott
Private F. Brogan
Private G. A. Brown
Private J. M. Buick
Private A. Clarendon
Private B. Collett
Private A. Cook
Private T. Cowhey
Private A. W. Crawford
Private J. Crawford
Private T. Crawford
Private T. J. Crowley
Private J. C. Davies
Private A. W. Davis
Private J. E. Dettmann
Private J. O. Eddie
Private E. Elston
Private L. Ferguson
Private A. Gibbon
Private G. Gill
Private J. Grant
Private H. C. Gray
Private A. Grossart
Private E. Hest
Private L. A. Higgs
Private C. Hornor
Private R. Jack
Private D. F. Jamie
Private R. B. Jamieson
Private J. Junor
Private E. Keefe
Private G. M. Kelly
Private M. E. Kettredge
Private D. A. Kyle
Private J. Land
Private F. W. Lee
Private C. Lewis
Private C. G. Lewis
Private H. Linton
Private M. MacDonald
Private J. MacKenzie
Private J. G. McArthur
Private A. J. McDonald
Private J. B. McKay
Private J. S. McLeod
Private G. B. McPherson
Private L. Miron
Private A. Muise
Private S. Nelles
Private S. Peacock
Private W. M. Peterkin
Private C. A. Pockock
Private J. Ryan
Private G. R. Sage
Private J. J. Seagram
Private H. Seivewright
Private J. Stafford
Private W. J. Stonard
Private C. Thompson
Private L. Thompson
Private J. Thornton
Private J. D. Tough
Private C. W. Wheaton
Private J. J. Williams
Private H. G. Wills
Private L. Wood
Private D. Woods
Private C. M. B. Wright
Private R. Young

Officer of the Legion of Honour (France)

Major-General Sir F. O. W. Loomis

Croix de Guerre (France)

Major-General Sir F. O. W. Loomis
Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Clark-Kennedy
C.S.M. F. Ableson

Medaille Militaire (France)

Lieutenant W. C. Pearce

Commander of the Order of Leopold (Belgium)

Major-General Sir F. O. W. Loomis

Croix de Guerre (Belgium)

C.S.M. E. Evans
C.S.M. G. P. Morrison
Sergeant H. Copeman
Sergeant D. K. Miller

Silver Medal for Military Valour (Italy)

Sergeant S. Chandler

Order of the Rising Sun (Japan)

Lieutenant-Colonel T. S. Morrisey

Medal of St. George, 1st Class (Russia)

Corporal J. J. Campbell

Medal of St. George, 2nd Class (Russia)

Lieutenant J. Johnston

Medal of St. George, 3rd Class (Russia)

Sergeant A. McLeod

Medal of St. George, 4th Class (Russia)

Sergeant R. Key
Private F. J. Reid

Mentioned in Despatches

Officers: 56
Other Ranks: 24

Names Brought to Notice of Secretary of State for War

Officers: 2
Other Ranks: 24

Primary Source: Canada's Black Watch 1862-1962


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