War Diary

10th Battalion

Friday, August 31, 1917

Dull and cloudy
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Battalion in Billets CAUCOURT.
Training was carried out during the morning and consisted of: Lectures on Dress and Interior Economy, Physical Training and Games. Junior N.C.O.’s continued with instruction under the R.S.M. Lewis Gunners, Signalers and Scouts carried on with training as usual. The Army Act sections 1-44 were read to all ranks during Parade Hours. The Medical Officer lectured to all ranks between 11:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.
The Battalion paraded to Brigade Memorial Service conducted by Canon Scott in Field near VILLERS CHATEL. All ranks who won decorations in the operations against VIMY were presented with their Ribands by General Officer commanding Canadian Corps.
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Lt.-Col. D. M. Ormond
Officers and Men Killed during August, 1917

August 9, 1917
19909 Rigby, Edmund

August 13, 1917
832622 Crandall, Dallas Arthur

August 15,1917
231004 Allen, Alfred Wilson
252008 Allen, Eldon Wells
252238 Allison, Walter Young
219015 Alp, James Halliday
434596 Ardill, Roland
883556 Armstrong, John
467658 Atherton, Harry
904461 Bailey, Herbert Mark
437850 Bain, Ralph Neill
231214 Ball, Charles
446055 Barns, Alexander Summers
160073 Barratt, James Henry
231649 Barton, Thomas Heath
904048 Bennett, Cyril
904601 Berry, Maurice
231446 Bible, William Francis
252497 Bickner, Oscar
904787 Bow, John MacKenzie
832413 Bowser, Willian Chase
231589 Boyer, Earl Pik
883121 Buckley, Joseph Patrick
231120 Byers, Samuel
252746 Campbell, Everritt Lindsay
883169 Casey, Robert
20631   Cathcart, Alexander
905080 Coffey, Donald Francis
905155 Coleman, John
252036 Coles, John McIntyre
231193 Cooke, Albert Anton
883538 Cowlthorp, William Morley
231310 Cratchley, Walter Henry
183893 Crawford, Nathaniel Reuben Fremont
252428 Cunningham, Ernest Hall
832042 Darling, Charles Edward
252056 Dyer, William Thomas
898236 Dypolt, Otto
883415 Edwards, Edward Ernest
18939   Edwards, Stuart
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