Canadian War Diaries

Transcribed Diaries

Library and Archives Canada have made the War Diaries of Canadian Overseas units from the Great War available in digital form, and these can be viewed by following this link.

Grandson Michael has done a tremendous job of going through all of the on-line diaries and providing an index or what is there (and what is missing). You can see Grandson Michael's Guide to the LAC War Diaries here.

This section is an ongoing project to transcribe the diaries to make them more accessible for readability and research purposes. While we add new entries frequently, it will take quite a lot of time to transcribe all the entries. The entries that are available can be seen in the "Diaries Available" section below.

Once the War Diary is transcribed, user's will be able to conduct searches for individual soldiers, places, battles, equipment, etc. Another feature unique to this site is the ability to create links between an individual mentioned in the Diary text and his record in our database (Of course it has to be there to do so, if not how about adding it. :) )

Many war diary entries make reference to map co-ordinates. An excellent introduction to reading trench maps can be found here.

Diaries Available

This will link will launch a page that will show the list of diaries that are available

Browse the Diaries

This will launch a page that will allow the user to select a unit and a date range and page through the diary entries for the unit.

Search the Diaries

This will launch a page that will allow the user to search through the diaries for selected keywords, such as a specific location, or a soldiers name.

Search Diaries and Soldiers

This page provides searches through the database of soldiers and through all War Diary entries using the entered criteria, displaying what information is currently available. Since this is the most comprehensive search, it is also the slowest.

Want to Help?

At present there are almost 2,300 War Diary entries in the database. We are looking for volunteers to help add new diary entries.

It doesn't take much. We need people who are willing to transcribe existing war diaries from the JPEG graphics to MS-Word or other standard word processor. Take the first step by registering for the site, and contact either marc or Chris if you'd like more information.