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Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War
* 5 * Star Rating

Author: Colonel A Fortescue Duguid, DSO, BSc, RCA
Category: Great War History (Canadian)
Media: Book
Year: 1938
Publisher: King's Printer Ottawa
Overview by: marc
This is a 2 book set that describes the activities of the CEF up to September 1915. Colonel Duguid held the position of Official Historian when he wrote these. The books contains 9 fold out maps and 14 maps in a pocket in the 2nd volume. Approximatly 1,000 pages including 854 appendicies. This was intended to be a multi-volume history, and unfortunatly only the first was written. This is a must have for any serious CEF collector or historian.

A reasonably priced, searchable CD version is available from Archive CD Books


2/11/2005 marc rated this a 5
  A Must have. Pity the other volumes were never completed.



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