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Fight or Pay: Soldiers families in the Great War
* 4 * Star Rating

Author: Desmond Morton
Category: Great War History (Canadian)
Media: Book
Year: 2004
Publisher: UBC Press
Edition: 1st
ISBN/Reference: 0-7748-1108-0
Overview by: marc
A study of the families of soldiers during the war. Discusses the Canadian Patriotic Fund and the issues with family survival while the principle breadwinner was serving.


1/1/2005 marc rated this a 4
  There are a lot of books that document a soldiers life and experiences during the Great War. In this book, Morton looks at the lives of those left behind and how they were impacted by enlistment of the principle breadwinner. The Canadian Government didn't anticipate the requirements for family support, which led to the formation of the Canadian Patriotic Fund, which is the central discussion of the book. He also deals with returned veterans and the push for pensions.

As with all Morton's books, this is well researched and interesting to read, although I found it the hardest of his books to get through. As with all of his books, there are are one or two sections where he makes presumptions on the knowledge of the reader, which I find frustrating, but overall this is a good read and is well recommended.



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