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Your file on Slaney, Alonzo (67877) is incomplete. Alonzo was killed on 5 June 1916 and is Remembered with Honour at Reningheist New Military Cemetery, Belgium. I believe on his file he is listed only as A Slaney.   10/30/2017 Martin Hynes
I grew up near Bath Ontario. Can you tell me if Bath had a pre WW1 militia or reserve unit prior to 1914? If not where was the nearest one.I''m looking for a unit just prior to the outbreak of the war.   10/30/2017 Tom Scheffler Interaktivni primerjalni pregled reguliranih trgovskih posrednikov.   8/27/2017
By dealing together, the two of you can address problems of self-esteem and mutual trust. Core maca from the supplier energetix is definitely an herb that tests quite nicely for a number of males.   8/11/2017
This is site is great! Well done! Found info on a few family memebers here and its really appreciated! Keep it up! I would love to pitch in and help with this great cause :)   7/23/2017 Victoria Conwayh
I have the CEF file on a relative who does not appear to be in your system: Albert Larmouth Briggs, Regimental Number 2020436, First Depot Battalion BC Regiment. Do you have any interest in including him in your database? Thanks. ROB BRIGGS   7/3/2017 Rob Briggs
Very interesting site. I downloaded the CEF Soldier Detail for a cousin of my late mother, and was taken aback to see his Ethnic Origin entered as "Caucasian". This is obviously wrong, but was it standard practice?   6/28/2017 Daniel Huzyk
The 34th Battery ( Field gun ) formed in Belleville in 1912 and was mobilized in 1914,went over-seas early in the war. I would welcome any information relating to this unit. John Geen, formerly 9th Anti-tank regiment.   5/14/2017 John Geen
James Irving Whyte 839107 lied about age. Was born 1904.   4/10/2017 John Shimkoff
Forex   2/19/2017
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