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The First Hussars with The First Hussars Museum is in London, Ontario   11/6/2016 Dennis Ruhl
I am in possession of a " Field Desk" with E.I. Leonard, First Hussars stamped on it. The writing is still clear, an it is in good condition. I would like to donate this if anyone is interested   10/20/2016 michelle mccord
Wow, I learned so much on this awesome website. I found lots of information about my great uncle! I like what you have done here. all these letters are so very intriguing! ThAnK YoU!   9/27/2016 Amy Stieh
Awesome website. Keep up the great work. Lots of info on here.   7/21/2016 Ethan Cameron
Hi My uncle was in the Royal Canadian Field Ambulance. He was killed in Sicily August 3rd 1943. I''m trying to find war diaries for the Royal Canadian Field Ambulance from 1942 to 1945 (or at least 1943). Wayne   7/5/2016 Wayne Leishman
There is a separate memorial to The Canadian War dead (Abt 28 names) who were born in County Mayo at the Peace Park and garden of remembrance in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland, WW1 & WW2.I f you have any names please forward so they can be added and remembered.   4/15/2016 Martin Coyle (MPP). London.
Had a very pleasant visit to CFB Borden recently and enquired about Patrick Riel, a metis sharpshooter in WWI. I learned about him here on this website! Thanks kindly!   4/8/2016 Patrick Riel
Michelle, please email me via 101stbncef AT gmail DOT com. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can about Norman Cairns. Cheers, Jim (jayelbee0   4/7/2016 jayelbee
I am looking for the member with the log in name jayelbee, this person posted a picture of my grandfather, Norman Cairns, I would like to know how this person knew him or knew of him, and if at all possible if they would email me a the picture. Thank you in advance, Michele   4/4/2016 Michele Cowan
I am a third generation who served with the RCE. It began with my great uncle George Sampson (1914-1918)from Duntroon Ontario. Trying to locate any information regarding this veteran. I supposed extending this, my father served with the RCE 1942-1946 across Europe with the 9 Fd Sqd. Unfortunately as time goes by, it is difficult garnering any details anymore regarding these veterans. I will continue this journey and record any details. Chimo   3/30/2016 Captain Stephen J Ransier
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