The University of Victoria

Who agreed to become the custodians of this site.

The Canadian Government

Who has made a wealth of information available to researchers.

The Great War Forum & The Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group

The Pals who have patiently answered questions and pointed me in the right direction, fostering my interest in the Great War

Others to numerous to mention ... but some that deserve it

Chris Wight who persevered through alpha, beta and ongoing testing. A number of his excellent ideas have been included.

Grandson Michael who has made many contributions, numerous (mostly good) suggestions and is the proof-reader "par extraordinaire".

Marika and Stephen who also suggested enhancements and suffered through some painful bugs in the early days of the site.

Chris Henzler, Carolyn, Hazel, Cathi, members of the Kenora War Project, Dennis Ruhl, Resaw, Poppholdfast, rnwmp, Barb and many, many others who have made many entries in the database. A heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Brad Ratliff, Bill Buss and Casie Phipps who helped me out with many technical challenges (despite my refusal to switch to .NET)

Last, but certainly no least, Penney, who indulges me in this activity and developed the site graphics and look and feel. Also Bodey, Dodger and Gracey (and Jasmine and Nana before them) who have been known to forego walks when I get too involved.