Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't you being a bit presumptuous with the name of your site?

No, not really. We aren't saying that the site is "Great". we'll leave that determination to you. The "Great War" was how people referred to the 1914-1918 conflict, until sometime after 1940. Once the second World War started (or was it really just a continuation with a pause between), it made sense to refer to the conflicts as World War 1 and World War 2. Since the site focuses on the Canadian aspect, and is an on-going colaborative effort, it is the Canadian, Great War, Project.

Why are you doing this ?

The main purpose is to promote Canada's participation in the Great War, and to honour the memory of those that served.

But other sites have the same information

Yes ... and no. No other site allows full text searching of their records, nor do they include features like soundex searches or the linking of names in letters or war diaries.

Can data be bulk loaded?

Yes, but it isn't automated yet, and I'm not sure if I am a good enough programmer to make it automated. Right now I can give you a spreadsheet to fill in and can load that. The biggest problem is checking to see if the entry already exists.

Some of the data is wrong!

Absolutely! Help me correct it.

How many entries are in here?

See the statistics page here. If you look at the number of entries, then look at the ones that have the country of birth identified you can start to see the magnitude of the opportunity.

Are you going to change anything?

Of course! If you have suggestions let me know.