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On this Date: What happened today in Canadian history
Memorials and Monuments: Our tribute to the men that served
Letters from the Front : Letters that soldiers wrote to their loved ones at home
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Searches are the heart of the system. They provide the access to information in the database.

Soldiers: Full text search of all entries
Soldiers by regimental number or name: Includes Soundex support
Soldiers and War Diaries: Combined search of both soldier database and War Diary entries
Awards and Decorations: Searches for specific awards (medals)
Soldiers by Battalion: Soldiers in specific battalions
Executed Soldiers: Canadian soldiers executed during the war


Group Functions

Group functions are designed for researchers to group entries together for reporting and statistical purposes

Group Report
Group Statistics


War Diaries

Searchable transcriptions of the on-line war diaries. Includes links to soldiers mentioned.

Diaries Available: A summary of what diaries have been transcribed
Browse the Diaries: A walk through on a day by day basis
Search the Diaries: Search for specific words in the diaries
Search Diaries and Soldiers


Canada in the Great War

Overview of Canadian participation: An overview of the Great War from the Canadian perspective
Order of Battle
Demographics of men and women in the CEF

Famous Canadians in the Great War

Nursing Sisters

Sinking of the Llandovery Castle

Rates of Pay in the CEF
Timetable of the War


Statistics based on available information

Soldiers by country of Birth
Soldiers by Religion
Soldiers by Age of Enlistment
Soldiers by Age of Death
Soldiers by Year of Enlistment
Soldiers by Month of Death
Soldiers by Occupation
CEF Demographics: The statistical composition of the CEF.
Casualties by Country