What's New

What's new in this little Web Site

Here is where you can keep up to date with the changes I make from time to time.

Date Item
11 November, 2006 New look and feel
4 July, 2006 Added regimental number/unit lookup
2 July, 2006 Switched to Google search for text based searching
13 January, 2006 Added sort by ranking to books. Added media type to allow entry of dvds
11 January, 2006 Added 73rd Bn Nominal Roll
4 January, 2006 Rewrote site statistics page
3 January, 2006 Added 31st Bn Nominal Roll
20 December, 2005 Added casualties by country to the statistics page
16 December, 2005 New soldier detail page with links to letters and diaries
8 September, 2005 Added word game
8 September, 2005 Updated Chat
27 August, 2005 Changed Newspaper and Letters to database fo anyone can add them.
20 August, 2005 Added Newspaper section and Site Statistics
13 August, 2005 Fixed a serious bug that caused an error when using the "Any" word option in the General Search.
11 August, 2005 Finally bite the bullet and switch from access to SQL Server
28 July, 2005 Added section for transcribed letters from soldiers
26 July, 2005 Added Images page, slide show (sequential + random), list of entries with images.
18 July, 2005 Added Soundex to Search by Name
2 June, 2005 Added two new group reports, by cemetary and date of enlistment/death.
25 May, 2005 Added new "Rememberences" section
16 April, 2005 Added "chat"
16 April, 2005 Added Nominal Rolls section
26 March, 2005 Added "Remember on this day" to main page. Sped up search by day of death.
16 March, 2005 Revised main search page to include date ranges. Also "Printable" output page.
10 February, 2005 New "Famous Canadians" section
8 February, 2005 Added a "Printer Friendly" output to the Soldier Detail
28 January, 2005 Improved book section. Allow creation of owned and want lists.
17 December, 2004 Added text search engine
16 December, 2004 Added Memorial section
9 December, 2004 Added War Diaries section
18 November, 2004 Added "Today in History"
17 November, 20004 Major rewrite of date handling.
11 November, 2004 Added list of soldiers who died on this date
9 November, 2004 Spruced up statistics section
25 October, 2004 Added Group functions, the ability to group soldiers together for searches, etc.
25 October, 2004 Added ability to add photos to records
3 October, 2004 Added section on books.
23 September, 2004 Added a search by name, regimental number
22 September, 2004 Everything is new!