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A description of Orders, Awards, Decorations and Medals can be found here.

Hints for searching

Note: The first search is slow as sin, the subsequent ones are pretty darn quick (for an Access database)

The keyword search will try to find a match using the following fields

  • Regimental Number
  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Regiment
  • Unit (Battalion)
  • Medal

Entering, for example "Tully Wallace Anderson" will match "Tully Wallace" on the first name, "Anderson" on the family name.

Entering "Anderson 44th" will match "Anderson" on the family name, 44th on the unit.

Entering "44th 31st" will find all members of the 44th Battalion, 31st battalion and because it is a character based search, the 144th Battalion.

Selecting the Search Type of "Any Words" will find records with either "Tully" or "Anderson" matching

Selecting the Search Type of "All Words" will find records with all words matching

Selecting the Search Type of "Exact Phrase " will find records with that combination of words. For example, entering "Tully Anderson" in either of the other two cases will find a match, but "Exact Phrase" will not return any records.

Restrict Medal Type will find only those entries with the search criteria that match the medal type

Order By Unit or Name (default) will sort the records output

Records per page will restrict the number of returned records on any single page.