Regimental Numbers

Regimental Number/Unit Search

The Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) assigned ranges of Regimental Numbers to specific units. This utility will identify possible units that used the regimental number that is entered. Note that units were often broken up, and the men assigned to other units, men were transferred to other units, and in certain circumstances the numbers were assigned to multiple units. The results from this search should be used as a starting point for further research, not considered a definitive result.

Note: Some criteria must be entered!

Regimental Number Enter the regimental number, including the prefix if present.
Military District Enter the numeric part of the Military District, for example enter 13 for Military District 13
Battalion Enter unit of Battalion search criteria. for example, for the 31st Battalion enter "31st"


University of Victoria Search Engine

The University of Victoria has an early version of their new search engine available for you to try. You can find it here.

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To find the unit(s) that a particular regimental number could have been assigned to, type in the number and click on the Search button.

To find the ranges of regimental numbers that were assigned to a Military District, enter the numeric portion of the Military District. For example, to find the ranges for Military District 13, enter 13.

To find the ranges assigned to a particular Battalion or other Unit, enter the minimum required to identify the unit. For example, to find the ranges assigned to the 31st Battalion, enter "31st". Because this is a text search it is best to start with a minimal condition and then expand it once you see the initial results.

Regiment Number Prefix

At the start of the Great War, the CEF assigned alphanumeric Regimental Numbers for certain units. Recruits from McGill University, for example were assigned numbers prefixed with "MCG".

Valid Prefix used by the CEF were A, B, MCG, O, R, and TK.


Thanks to Gordon Nickerson for the basic data to start this.