CEF Soldier Detail

Private John Cushnie
Died: June 1, 1923

Regimental Number:
Survived War:
Canadian Infantry
Western Ontario Regimental Depot
Place of Birth:
Drumore, Ontario
Next of Kin:
George Cushnie, father. Mount Forest, Ontario
Address at Enlistment:
Mount Forest, Ontario
Date of Birth:
April 17, 1898
Trade or Calling:
Marital Status:
Prior Military Experience:
Place of Enlistment:
Guelph, Ontario
Date of Enlistment:
April 5, 1916
Age at enlistment:
5 Feet 10 Inches
36 Inches
2 1/2 Inches
Enlisted or Conscripted:
Saw service in:
Cause of Death:
Died of Illness
Battle Died/Wounded:
Wounded September 2, 1918 at Canal du Nord
Date of Death:
June 1, 1923
Age at Death:
Buried at:
Cochrane Cemetery, Mount Forest, Ontario
Prisoner of war:
Ethnic Origin:
Research Notes
153rd Battalion Nominal Roll
Rank Regiment Unit Company
Private Canadian Infantry Western Ontario Regimental Depot
Corporal Canadian Infantry 153rd Battalion
Lance-Corporal Canadian Infantry 153rd Battalion
Private Canadian Infantry 1st Battalion
Private Canadian Infantry 25th Reserve Battalion
Private Canadian Infantry 153rd Battalion
Private Canadian Infantry 4th Reserve Battalion
Private John Cushnie
The 153rd Battalion Marching
John Cushnie in Europe
In the trenches in France

Son of George Cushnie and Agnes Ellen 'Nellie' Cushnie (nee Hastie)

Enlisted in the 153rd Battalion with others from Western Ontario.  Trained 1st near St Thomas, Ontario, in March 1916. Was drafted Bramshott, England to France from the 4th Reserve Battalion, serving with the 1st Battalion.  He was among several signallers drafted from the 4th Reserve Battalion to serve with the 1st Battalion, leaving England on March 12, 1918, landing at Etaples, France.

Discharged January 18, 1919 Medically Unfit

Died of tubercular abscess

Letter 4/5/1916 First letter home after enlistment
Letter 6/11/1916 Describing the sights near Camp Bordon
Letter 7/6/1916 Near the start of training
Letter 9/14/1916 Escort for the 160th Battalion
Letter 10/16/1916 Details from camp, CO falls ill
Letter 10/21/1916 Settling in at St. Thomas
Letter 12/21/1916 New Year's in training camp
Letter 1/6/1917 Details from camp ... others on leave
Letter 1/14/1917 Letter home on a Sunday afternoon
Letter 2/18/1917 The Ontario version of Tipperary
Letter 3/17/1917 Men transferred to border guard duty in Sarnia
Letter 3/25/1917 First warning of overseas transfer
Letter 4/7/1917 Spending a Sunday while waiting to depart
Letter 4/16/1917 Reorganizing the 153rd prior to departure
Letter 4/19/1917 After a route march during training
Letter 4/22/1917 Departure date fixed
Letter 4/24/1917 Post card en-route to Halifax
Letter 4/26/1917 On the train to Halifax
Letter 4/28/1917 On Board the S.S. Olympic
Letter 5/8/1917 On arrival at Bramshott Camp, England
Letter 5/11/1917 First impressions of England and a description of the trip over
Letter 5/13/1917 Meeting friends from home in Bramshott
Letter 5/16/1917 Postcard on leaving for England
Letter 5/16/1917 Awaiting news from home
Letter 5/20/1917 Another Sunday in Quarantine
Letter 5/24/1917 Sports Day in Bramshott
Letter 5/30/1917 Pay Day
Letter 6/3/1917 New Equipment, YMCA, Getting brother to eat porriage
Letter 6/16/1917 Letter home while waiting in queue for a bath
Letter 7/4/1917 Canada Day festivities, new officers
Letter 7/8/1917 News from old friends
Letter 7/21/1917 Gas training at Bramshott
Letter 7/30/1917 Visiting Tennysonís home
Letter 8/5/1917 Musketry course at Longmoor range
Letter 8/12/1917 Difference between Longmoor range and Bramshott
Letter 8/18/1917 Explosion at Longmoor, 4 from the 153rd killed
Letter 8/28/1917 Signal School
Letter 9/30/1917 What to send to a soldier
Letter 10/27/1917 Brighton and Seaford
Letter 11/3/1917 Signaling school, being the camp mess orderly and thoughts on conscription
Letter 11/17/1917 Meeting old friends, description of West Dean
Letter 12/25/1917 Christmas Thank You
Letter 1/7/1918 Displeasure at conscription exemptions
Letter 1/20/1918 The Tower of London, Chu Chin Chow and Ireland
Letter 1/27/1918 Snowstorm in Londonderry
Letter 2/3/1918 Seeing old friends at Bramshott
Letter 2/10/1918 Suffragette's and food
Letter 2/17/1918 Realignment of the CEF in England
Letter 2/23/1918 Life in camp, February, 1918
Letter 3/9/1918 Going to France
Letter 3/13/1918 First Letter from France
Letter 3/22/1918 Second letter from France
Letter 4/7/1918 Just to say we are OK
Letter 4/17/1918 Making porridge in the line
Letter 4/28/1918 Feeling good after a bath
Letter 5/6/1918 Finally! A letter from home
Letter 5/12/1918 Mother's Day in France
Letter 5/28/1918 Thanks for the YMCA
Letter 6/3/1918 Divisional Concert
Letter 6/19/1918 Quiet days at the front
Letter 6/30/1918 Their private river
Letter 7/5/1918 Letter to an old friend
Letter 7/12/1918 Waiting from the mail from home
Letter 7/19/1918 Quick note while on duty
Letter 7/26/1918 Don't send sox, send some humbugs instead
Letter 7/28/1918 Letter to his Aunt and Uncle
Letter 8/12/1918 Fritz is on the run
Letter 8/21/1918 We're OK
Letter 8/25/1918 A bit of rest, away from the front
Letter 9/4/1918 On being wounded
Letter 9/4/1918 Update on John Cushnie's wound
Letter 9/7/1918 The comforts of the Hospital
Letter 9/11/1918 A short note after the operation
Letter 9/15/1918 Life of leisure
Letter 9/19/1918 Privileges of a wounded soldier
Letter 9/26/1918 Moving to a new Hospital on the outskirts of London
Letter 10/1/1918 We thought Canadians were accustomed to the cold
Letter 10/11/1918 Life of a convelescent, and an honest view of being in France
Letter 10/17/1918 Description of the Arras front
Letter 10/24/1918 Seeing the sights in London, including Royalty
Letter 11/2/1918 Being Marked out of the Hospital
Letter 11/7/1918 Letter to Mrs. Cushnie. Predicting the end of the war
Letter 11/12/1918 "all over but the shouting"
Letter 11/17/1918 Back with the reserves
Letter 11/25/1918 Rumours about going home
Letter 12/14/1918 I'll be home Friday
Newspaper Extract 6/7/1923 John Cushnie: his life after the war, death and funeral