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This search will return results from the text pages on this site. This search will only return the text pages and the database pages that Google has indexed. Only a small percentage of the database has been indexed by Google, so if you may want to try the database searches listed towards the bottom of this page.

WWW Canadian Great War Project


Database Searches

The database is the heart of this website and contains details on soldiers, war diary entries and letters. The main search forms are listed below, and are a portion of those listed on the main search page.

General Soldier Search This search is the most versatile for soldiers. The keywords are free form text, which could include the soldiers name, but also the place of birth, or next of kin name. The search can be restricted by a variety of criteria including date of birth, date of death, etc.

Soldier Search by Name If you know the name or regimental number of the soldier, this is the fastest way to find a particular entry.

War Diary Search This will search through the available war diaries for the keywords entered.