Private John Cushnie Collection

Gentleman's Diary & Letters Home - September 1918

Diary & Letters September 1918

Private John Cushnie wrote approximatly 91 letters home from 1916 to 1918, and a diary with 220 entries from 1918. These letters and diary entries, gratiously provided by Anne Hales and describe John's life in the CEF, from the telegram that he sent saying that he would be home for his first weekend of leave after enlisting, to the telegram that announced that he was back from Europe.

Diary September 1918

Sunday, September 1
No Entry

Monday, September 2
Fell in at 5 am ready to move up the line. Passed through our artillery and got into action about 10 am. Had a hard time with MG fire on our right. Was hit in arm about 2.30 PM. Got a ride right out to Field Ambulance was inoculated there and sent in trucks to 23rd CCS. Was dressed there and was too late to catch the hospital train. Was very sick from the inoculation. Slept in bed in tent for the rest of the night . Was dead tired and sleepy.

Tuesday, September 3
Met McCullagh of 152rd Ba in the morning. Caught train about noon. Was very uncomfortable on the train still sick from inoculation. Arrived Etaples about 4.30 pm. Had a bath and went into hospital. Was sent strainght to bed as I had a temperature after having my arm dressed and something to eat went to sleep and had a grand sleep in a good bed between white sheets.

Wednesday, September 4
At the wash in morning met Gordon of 153rd who had a bullet wound in his arm but couldn’t make blighty. M. O. came around in morning and marked me for blighty. Felt a good deal better than yesterday. Got up in afternoon and went to a consert in the next ward. Expected to move out that night but didn’t. Went to bed early and had another good sleep.

Thursday, September 5
Our train left Etaples about noon for Colons. Traveled very slow all the way. Wasn’t very comfortable in the train. Arrived in Calais about 5 pm and went right on to the boat. Had a bite to eat and boat moved off. Had a good crossing as channel was smooth. To off boat right on to our train which soon pulled out. Had a good feed on the train. Travelled First Class Apartments. Passed through London about 10.30 pm.

Friday, September 6
Arrived at Norwich Hpl about 4.30 am. Was put in Ward 12 Main. After a bath and breakfast went to sleep and slept most of the day except when they woke me up for meals. Doctor had a look at my arm and marked me for operation Tuesday. Had to give my name and number about a hundred times.

Saturday, September 7
No entry

Thursday, September 26
Discharged from Norfolk Hospital. Sent to Clarence House London. Saw Wes Seawin at the Busby Park Hospital

Letters September 1918

Date Description
Wednesday, September 04, 1918 On being wounded
Wednesday, September 04, 1918 Update on John Cushnie's wound
Saturday, September 07, 1918 The comforts of the Hospital
Wednesday, September 11, 1918 A short note after the operation
Sunday, September 15, 1918 Life of leisure
Thursday, September 19, 1918 Privileges of a wounded soldier
Thursday, September 26, 1918 Moving to a new Hospital on the outskirts of London