Letters from the Front

Private Archie Roberts

Update on John Cushnie's wound

Private Collection

Wednesday, September 04, 1918

Transcribed by: Anne Hales

letter written to Mrs George Cushnie from Archie


Sept 4/1918

     It’s a long time since I wrote you since then I believe I rec’d a pair of socks, perhaps two pair. Thanks, it was very kind of you.

     Before you get this letter you will know of John getting a very slight wound in the arm from a piece of shell.

     A great many of the boys claim it a lucky hit as it will not give him much pain & he will have a lovely old time back in Blighty1.

     So please understand that he is jake2 & it should not take so very long for it to heal up, then he will get a fourteen day leave out of it.

     Euart & I are still on the war path & hope to keep it up.

     Mother was expecting visitors in her last letter.  She will be pleased to have Annie with her as it will pass the time by more quickly.

     Our weather has been a wonder could not be better for more than a month & we are making the very best use of it believe me.

     We saw Art Gillies the other morning he is fine.

     Harold Morrison is with this unit now looks fine & likes France not too badly.

     Well this is a short line but my cog wheels have been whirling so fast lately that I cannot scrape up all the news I might have otherwise.




John walked out with a broad smile on his face & I don’t blame him

1) England

2) A slang term meaning satisfactory, or everything is OK

This is part of the John Cushnie Collection. This is a collection of approximatly 98 letters from 1916 to 1918, and a diary with 220 entries from 1918. These letters and diary entries, were very gratiously provided by Anne Hales.