Letters from the Front

Private John Cushnie

Settling in at St. Thomas

Private Collection

Saturday, October 21, 1916

Transcribed by: Anne Hales

St. Thomas Oct 21, 1916

Dear People:-

     Well we are now getting settled in our new quarters.  We are all quartered in a very large building formerly a factory.  The same place as the 91st  was in last winter and just as they left it.

     It had been intended that we should march here but the roads were so muddy that they changed their minds and sent us by train instead for which we were truly thankful.  i am enclosing a clipping which speaks for itself about the welcome we got when we arrived here.

     The building is splendidly heated by steam and it is said that we have about the best quarters in western Ontario so we are all satisfied.

     We haven’t got our beds yet but expect them next week and in the meantime we are all sleeping on the floor which is easy for us after sleeping on the ground all summer.

     The train connections for home are not very handy here as we have to go to London by the London & Ft. Stanley Ry.  And catch the Grand Trunk.

Will close now hoping you are all well.  Write soon.



This is part of the John Cushnie Collection. This is a collection of approximatly 98 letters from 1916 to 1918, and a diary with 220 entries from 1918. These letters and diary entries, were very gratiously provided by Anne Hales.