Canada in the War

An overview of the Great war and Canadian participation

The Ottawa Ten

An article, written and submitted to the Ottawa Citizen prior to the 90th anniversary of 2nd Ypres, by the nephew of one of the men who lost their lives.

The First Contingent: Life on Salisbury Plain

Extracts from various newspaper, coupled with some great research produce this compelling view of life on Salisbury Plain.

The Bruce Report on the C.A.M.C

In 1916 Herbert Bruce wrote a scathing report of the C.A.M.C. This series of articles from the Times explores the public perception of the recommendation to change the way Canadian wounded were treated.

Kinmel Park

In March, 1919, Canadian soldiers stationed at the Kinmel Park demobilization camp mutinied because of camp conditions and delays in returning to Canada after the war. Five Canadians were killed during the riot.