Canada in the War


This section will contain links to pages of text that describe some of the Canadian efforts during the Great War

Articles on the Great War

A brief overview of the Great War and other aspects of canadian participation


Dates of significant Canadian related events duting the Great War with links to descriptions of some of the events.

Famous Canadians

Many Canadians that went on to be quite famous served in the war. A list of some of the better known ones can be found here


Collection of maps showing some of Canada's participation in the Great War

Units of the CEF

Some information on units that served in the CEF

Order of Battle

The groups that comprised the C.E.F. during the Great War

Men and Women in the CEF

An overview of some of the demographics of Canadians serving in the Great War

Canadian Army Medical Corps (C.A.M.C)

Some information on the structure of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Nursing Sisters

The role of Canadian Nursing Sisters in the Great War is often overlooked. This section includes a brief overview, a list of Awards granted to the Nursing Service, including the citations for the nine nursing sisters who were awarded the Military Medal, and a list of Nursing Sisters who served.

The Sinking of the Llandovery Castle

On June 27, 1918 the Canadian Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle was sunk by a German Submarine. All but 24 of the 258 people on board, including 14 Canadian Nursing Sisters lost their lives.

Rates of Pay in the CEF

An overview of the salaries paid to Canadians serving in the Great War

Enlistment statistics

An summary of where Canadians enlisted from during the Great War.

Nicholson Appendix C

A readable on-line version of Appendix C of the "Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War", by Colonel G.W.L. Nicholson, C.D.

Orders, Awards, Decorations and Medals

An overview of the awards given to Canadians serving in the Great War


Abbreviations used on personnel records and military documents