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CAMC Overseas Hospitals

This section provides a detailed list of Canadian Overseas Hospitals during the Great War 1914 - 1919. C.A.M.C. Hospitals were broken down into the following categories:

General Hospitals

General hospitals in the First World War were originally equipped for 520 beds, but that number was increased to 1,040 in 1915 (Macphail 210) After 1915, bed capacity varied as necessary up to two thousand, whereas some hospitals had an even greater capacity in 1918 (Macphail 210).

General Hospital No. 1 (Macphail 210)

Organized Valcartier, 3-9-14

Salisbury Plain, 20-10-14 to 13-5-15

Etaples, 31-5-15 to 20-7-18

Trouville, 21-7-18 to 4-2-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel M. MacLaren
  • Colonel C. F. Wylde
  • Colonel R. M. Simpson
  • Colonel J. A. Gunn
  • Colonel W. H. Delaney


  • V. C. Nesbitt
  • E. Campbell.

General Hospital No. 2 (Macphail 211)

Organized Valcartier September, 1914

Salisbury Plain, 18-10-14 to 13-3-15

Le Tréport, 16-3-15 to 2-3-19.

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel J. W. Bridges
  • Colonel K. Cameron
  • Colonel G. S. Rennie


  • E. C. Rayside
  • H. E. Dulmage
  • M. M. Goodeve
  • F. Wilson.

General Hospital No. 3 (McGill University) (Macphail 211)

Organized Montreal, 5-3-15

Shorncliffe, England 16-5-15 to 16-6-15

Dannes-Camiers, France 19-6-15 to 5-1-16

Boulogne, France 6-1-16 to 29-5-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel H. S. Birkett
  • Colonel J. M. Elder
  • Colonel L. Drum

Matron: K. O. MacLatchy

General Hospital No. 4 (University of Toronto) (Macphail 211)

Organized Toronto, 25-3-15

Shorncliffe, 28-5-15 to 15-10-15

Salonika, Greece, 9-11-15 to 18-5-16

Kalamaria, 19-5-16 to 17-8-17

Basingstoke, 18-9-17 to 2-7-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonels J. A. Roberts
  • W. B. Hendry
  • H. C. Parsons

Matron: A. J. Hartley

General Hospital No. 5 (Macphail 211)

Organized Victoria, 30-5-15

Shorncliffe, 5-9-15 to 16-11-15

Salonika, Greece, 14-12-15 to 16-8-17

Liverpool, 13-10-17 to 15-8-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel E. C. Hart
  • Colonel G. D. Farmer
  • Colonel P. Burnett


  • F. Wilson
  • J. Matheson.

General Hospital No. 6 (Laval University) (Macphail 211)

Organized Montreal, Sept. 1915 as No. 6 Stationary Hospital

Shorncliffe, 10-4-16 to 1-7-16

St. Cloud, 10-7-16 to 4-8-16

Joinville-le-Pont, 5-8-16 to 17-1-17

Troyes, 18-1-17 to 20-6-18

Joinville -le-Pont, 21-6-18 to 10-5-19

Officer Commanding: Colonel G. E. Beauchamp

Matron: Y. Baudry

General Hospital No. 7 (Queen's University) (Macphail 211)

Originally No. 5 Stationary

Cairo, 26-1-16 to 10-4-16

Le Treport, 22-4-16 to 13-10-16

Etaples, 14-10-16 to 31-5-19

Officer Commanding: Colonel F. Etherington


  • B. J. Willoughby
  • G. Muldrew.

General Hospital No. 8 (Macphail 211)

Originally No. 4 Stationary

St. Cloud, 8-7-16 to 12-2-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel A. Mignault,
  • Lieut. Colonel A. E. LeBel
  • Colonel H. R. Casgrain
  • Lieut. Colonel R. deL. Harwood

Matron: C. A. De Cormier

General Hospital No. 9 (Macphail 211)

Originally Shorncliffe Military Hospital

Shorncliffe 10-9-17 to 17-12-18

Kinmel Park, Ryhl, 17-12-18 to 26-6-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel E. G. Davis
  • Colonel E. J. Williams

Matron: V. C. Nesbitt.

General Hospital No. 10 (Macphail 211)

Originally Kitchener Military Hospital

Brighton, 10-9-17 to 3-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel C. F. Wylde
  • Colonel W. McKeown


  • E. B. Ross
  • M. Cornell

General Hospital No. 11 (Macphail 211-212)

Originally Moore Barracks Military Hospital

Shorncliffe, 13-9-17 to 20-9-19.

Officer Commanding: Colonel W. A. Scott


  • E. C. Rayside
  • B. L. Smellie
  • E. C. Charleson

General Hospital No. 12 (Macphail 212)

Originally Bramshott Military Hospital

Bramshott, 12-10-17 to 23-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut-Colonel H. E. Kendall
  • Colonel W. Webster
  • Colonel H. M. Robertson


  • G. Muldrew
  • A. C. Strong

General Hospital No. 13 (Macphail 212)

Originally Hastings Military Hospital

Hastings 2-10-17 to 6-6-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel E. J. Williams
  • Lieut-Colonel H. C. S. Elliott


  • A. C. Strong
  • J. Cameron-Smith

General Hospital No. 14 (Macphail 212)

Originally Eastbourne Military Hospital

Eastbourne, 10-9-17 to 23-10-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut-Colonel E. Seaborn
  • Lieut-Colonel K. D. Panton


  • J. Cameron-Smith
  • B. J. Willoughby

General Hospital No. 15 (Macphail 212)

Originally Duchess of Connaught Canadian Red Cross Hospital

Taplow 10-9-17 to 15-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel W. L. Watt
  • Colonel P. G. Goldsmith

Matron: E. Russell

General Hospital No. 16 (Macphail 212)

Originally Ontario Military Hospital

Orpington 10-9-17 to 20-9-19

Officer Commanding: Colonel D. W. McPherson


M. H. Smith

Stationary Hospitals:

“The original bed capacity of a stationary hospital was 200, enlarged to 400 in 1915. They varied according to the needs of the service from 400 to 650 beds with one of them, No. 3, reaching a capacity of 1,090 beds in 1918.” (Macphail 212)

Stationary Hospital No. 1 (Macphail 212)

Organized Valcartier, 15-9-14

Hampstead, 12-11-14 to 1-2-15

Wimereux, 3-3-15 to 28-7-15

Lemnos, 16-8-15 to 31-1-16

Salonika, Greece, 3-3-16 to 4-9-17

Hastings, 28-8-17 to 2-10-17 when it became No. 13 General Hospital

Officers Commanding

Lieut.-Colonel L. Drum

Lieut.-Colonel S. H. McKee

Lieut.-Colonel E. J. Williams


  • E. M. Charleson
  • L. Brock

Stationary Hospital No. 2 (Macphail 212)

Organized Valcartier, 6-9-14

Le Touquet, 27-11-14 to 20-10-15

Outreau, 21-10-15 to 1-4-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel A. T. Shillington
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. T. Clarke
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. D. Farmer
  • Lieut.-Colonel D. Donald
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. Clingan
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. Hayes


  • E. B. Ridley
  • A. C. Strong
  • J. Urquhart
  • G. Pope
  • S. C. Mclsaac

Stationary Hospital No. 3 (Macphail 212-213)

Organized London, 17-2-15

Moore Barracks 5-5-15 to 1-8-15

Lemnos, 17-8-15 to 6-2-16

Boulogne, 10-4-16 to 10-11-16

Doullens, 11-11-16 to 18-8-18

Rouen (closed) 19-8-18 to 7-10-18

Arques, 8-10-18 to 28-2-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel H. R. Casgrain
  • Lieut.-Colonel E. G. Davis
  • Lieut.-Colonel C. H. Reason


  • J. B. Jaggard
  • E. M. Wilson

Stationary Hospital No. 4 (Macphail 213)

Organized Montreal, 8-3-15

Tent Hospital Shorncliffe, 16-5-15 to 19-9-15

St. Cloud, 20-9-15 to 8-7-16 when it became No. 8 General Hospital

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel A. Mignault


  • M. H. Casault
  • C A. De Cormier

Stationary Hospital No. 5 (Queen's University) (Macphail 213)

Organized Kingston;

Tent Hospital St. Martin's Plain

Shorncliffe, 7-6-15 to 1-8-15

Cairo, 14-8-15 to 26-1-16, when it became No. 7 General Hospital, 26-1-16, and remained at Cairo

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel F. Etherington

Matron: B. J. Willoughby

Stationary Hospital No. 6 (Laval University) (Macphail 213)

Organized Montreal September 1915, but was immediately converted into No. 6 General Hospital

Stationary Hospital No. 7 (Dalhousie University)

Organized Halifax, 21-10-15

Shorncliffe Military Hospital, 10-1-16 to 16-6-16

le Havre, 19-6-16 to 30-12-16

Harfleur, 31-12-16 to 13-5-17

Arques, 14-5-17 to 18-4-18

Etaples, (closed) 19-4-18 to 23-5-18

Rouen, 24-5-18 to 21-9-18

Camiers, 22-9-18 to 23-2-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel J. Stewart
  • Lieut.-Colonel E. V. Hogan

Matron: L. M. Hubley

Stationary Hospital No. 8 (University of Saskatchewan) (Macphail 213)

Organized Saskatoon 27-3-16

Canadian Military Hospital, Hastings, 1-1- 17 to 2-10-17

Canadian Special Hospital, Witley, 2-10-17 to 10-11-17 (closed for 1 month)

Camiers, 10-12-17 to 16-4-18

Charmes, 17-4-18 to 1-11-18

Rouen, (closed) 2-11-18 to 14-11-18

Dunkerque, 16-11-18 to 14-4-19

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel H. E. Munroe

Matron: J. Urgtihart

Stationary Hospital No. 9 (St. Francis Xavier University) (Macphail 213)

Organized Antigonish 3-3-16

Bramshott Military Hospital, 3-10-16 to 5-12-17

St. Omer, 12-12-17 to 19-4-18

Etaples, 20-4-18 to 9-9-18

Caraiers, 10-9-18 to 21-5-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut-Colonel R. C. McLeod
  • Lieut-Colonel R. St. J. Macdonald

Matron: S. C. Mclsaac

Stationary Hospital No. 10 (Western University) (Macphail 213)

Organized London, 10-5-16

Seaford, 2-11-16 to 20-1-17

Eastbourne, 21-1-17 to 5-12-17

Calais, 25-12-17 to 16-4-19

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel E. Seaborn

Matron: H. E. Dulmage

Stationary Hospital No. 11 (Macphail 213-214)

Organized Vancouver, 9-10-18

Vladivostock 26-10-18 to 5-6-19. This hospital operated in Siberia, and

had a bed capacity together with its annexes of 575. It had no nursing sisters

Officer Commanding: Colonel J. L. Potter

Special Hospitals:

“There were four special hospitals in 1916. increasing to seven in 1918. These hospitals were for such cases as orthopaedic, tubercular, eye and ear, physiotherapy, and venereal. The bed capacity varied, according to the type of cases to be provided for.” (Macphail 214)

Granville Special Hospital (orthopaedic) (Macphail 214)

Ramsgate 28-9-15 to 18-10-17

Buxton, 19-10-17 to 17-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel W. L. Watt
  • Colonel J. T. Clarke
  • Colonel E. C. Hart
  • Colonel M. MacLaren


  • E. B. Ridley
  • V. A. Tremaine
  • M. E. Blott

Westcliffe Eye and Ear Hospital (Macphail 214)

Folkestone, 20-10-15 to 20-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel J. D. Courtenay
  • Colonel S. H. McKee


  • F. Grand
  • Y. Baudry
  • M. H. Casault
  • F. Wilson
  • J. T. Scott

Special Hospital (tubercular) (Macphail 214)

Lenham, 7-12-17 to 7-7-19.

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel W. M. Hart


A. M. Forrest

Special Hospital (venereal) (Macphail 214)

Etchinghill, 15-8-16 to 1-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Major H. E. Paul
  • Colonel W. T. M. MacKinnon

Special Hospital (venereal) (Macphail 214)

Witley, 25-8-17 to 3-10-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel H. E. Munroe
  • Lieut.-Colonel L. C. Harris
  • Colonel E. L. Stone

Petrograd Red Cross Hospital for Officers (Macphail 214)

Petrograd Hotel, London, 25-11-18 to 16-10-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel S. H. McCoy
  • Lieut.-Colonel A. E. H. Bennett

Matron: E. B. Ross

Hospital for Officers (Macphail 214)

Hyde Park Place, London, 29-2-16 to 25-8-19. After this date it was affiliated with the Petrograd.

Officers Commanding:

  • Captain T. A. Malloch
  • Captain T. M. Creighton
  • Major L. W. MacNutt
  • Major P. G. Brown
  • Major S. H. McCoy
  • Lieut.-Colonel H. M. Robertson


  • V. A. Tremaine
  • L. G. Squire
  • H. Graham
  • D. Cotton
  • E. B. Ross

Buxton Red Cross Special Hospital (Macphail 214)

Buxton, 1-2-16 to 26-3-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel H. D. Johnson
  • Lieut.-Colonel F. Guest
  • Lieut.-Colonel P. Burnett


  • C. MacAlister
  • E. Campbell
  • F. Grand
  • V. A. Tremaine
  • M. H. Casault
  • M. E. Blott

Convalescent Hospitals:

“Three convalescent hospitals having a total capacity of 770 beds were opened in 1915; the number rose to eight in 1918 with a capacity of 7,456 beds. The two largest were at Woodcote Park, Epsom with 3,900 beds; and Princess Patricia's Bexhill with 2,250 beds.” (Macphail 215)

Woodcote Park Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Epsom, 5-9-15 to 30-6-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Captain E. C. Cole;
  • Lieut.-Colonel: D. W. McPherson
  • Lieut.-Colonel L. E. W. Irving
  • Colonel F. Guest

Princess Patricia's Red Cross Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Ramsgate, 26-1-17 to 14-1-18

Bexhill, 15-1-18 to 18-8-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel S. W. Prowse
  • Lieut.-Colonel A. J. MacKenzie
  • Major C. B. Peat
  • Colonel T. C. D. Bedell


  • E. McCafferty
  • E. De Merrall

Bearwood Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Wokingham, 20-9-15 to 24-7-19

Officer Commanding: Lieut-Colonel R. E. Wodehouse

Matron: J. Cameron-Smith


  • N. F. Meiklejohn
  • B. J. Blewett
  • M. E. Mackenzie
  • R. E. Pentland
  • S. J. Robley

Bromley Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Bromley, 20-4-15 to 31-8-18

Officers Commanding:

  • Major J. McCombe
  • Major A. W. McPherson
  • Major J. T. Hill
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. L. Biggar
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. R. Spier
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. Royce

Hillingdon House, Canadian Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Uxbridge, 20-9-15 to 12-12-17

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel H. M. Robertson
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. A. Sponagle
  • Lieut.-Colonel W. Webster
  • Lieut.-Colonel L. R. Murray


  • J. Stronach
  • B. F. Mattice
  • F. E. M. McCallum
  • M. E. Fletcher
  • H. T. Meiklejohn.

Monks Horton Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Monks Horton 15 to 28-8-18 (closed for 5 months during 1916)

Officers Commanding:

  • Captain T. Lyon
  • Major D. B. Bentley
  • Major F. Guest
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. Clingan

King's Red Cross Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215)

Bushey Park 31-12-15 to 2-9-19

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut-Colonel H. R. Casgrain
  • Lieut-Colonel J. D. McQueen
  • Lieut-Colonel A. L. Johnson


  • E. L. Bell
  • J. F. Andrews
  • M. M. Fraser
  • N. F. Meiklejohn
  • B. J. Blewett
  • M. E. Mackenzie
  • R. E. Pentland
  • S. J. Robley

Matron: J. McG. MacDonald

Officers' Convalescent Hospital (Macphail 215-216)

Matlock Bath, 5-3-18 to 12-9-19

capacity 210 beds

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel P. G. Goldsmith
  • Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Rankin
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. H. R. Gibson
  • Lieut.-Colonel W. J. McAlister

Matron: E. McCafferty

Miscellaneous Hospitals:

“The majority of the hospitals mentioned in the following summary were English military hospitals taken over by Canadian personnel. After operating for a period under their original names they were reorganized into general hospitals. Their bed capacity varied from 1,000 to 3,250 including annexes. During the period before reorganization, Canadian hospitals as they arrived in England were used to staff these institutions.” (Macphail 216)

Military Hospital (Macphail 216)

Basingstoke 4-4-17 to 18-9-17. No.4 General Hospital upon its return from Salonika, Greece, 18-9-17,

took over this institution

Officer Commanding: Colonel J. A. Roberts

Military Hospital, Kirkdale (Macphail 216)

Liverpool, 21-5-17 to 13-10-17. No. 5 General Hospital upon its return from Salonika, Greece, 13-10-17, took over this institution

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel F. L. Biggar
  • Colonel E. C. Hart
  • Matron: G. Muldrew

Shorncliffe Military Hospital (Macphail 216)

Shorncliffe, 25-7-15 to 10-9-17. At various times during its early career this hospital was staffed by the personnel of Nos. 4 and 5 General Hospitals, No. 3 Casualty Clearing Station, and No. 7 Stationary Hospital.. From June 1916, to September, 1917, it was staffed by personnel from the C.A.M.C. Depot. No. 9 General Hospital was organized September 10, 1917, and took over this institution.

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel J. A. Roberts
  • Colonel E. C. Hart
  • Lieut-Colonel R. J. Blanchard
  • Lieut-Colonel R. J. Stewart
  • Lieut-Colonel R. E. G. Davis
  • Major C. H. Reason


  • A. J. Hartley
  • F. Wilson
  • M. H. Smith
  • L. M. Hubley
  • J. Urquhart
  • V. C. Nesbitt

Kitchener Military Hospital (Macphail 216)

Brighton, 14-3-17 to September, 1917. No. 10 General Hospital was organized September, 1917, and took over this institution.

Officer Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel A. T. Shillington

Matron: E. B. Ross

Moore Barracks Military Hospital (Macphail 216-217)

Shomcliffe, 4-5-15 to 13-9-17. At various dates during its early career this hospital was staffed by the personnel of Nos. 2 and 3 Casualty Clearing Stations, No. 3 Stationary Hospital and the C.A.M.C. Depot. No. 11 General Hospital was organized in September, 1917, and took over this institution.

Officer Commanding: Colonel W. A. Scott


  • J. B. Jaggard
  • E. Russell
  • E. C. Rayside

Bramshott Military Hospital (Macphail 217)

Bramshott, 29-9-16 to 12-10-17. During its early career this hospital was staffed by the personnel of No. 9 Stationary Hospital. No. 12 General Hospital was organized in October, 1917, and took over this institution

Officers Commanding:

  • Lieut.-Colonel R. C. McLeod
  • Lieut.-Colonel H. E. Kendall

Matron: S. C. McIsaac

Military Hospital (Macphail 217)

Eastbourne, 11-1-17 to 10-9-17. During its early career this hospital was staffed by the personnel of No. 10 Stationary Hospital. No. 14 General Hospital was organized in September, 1917, and took over this institution

Officer Commanding: Colonel E. Seaborn

Matron: E. Dulmage

Hastings Military Hospital (Macphail 217)

Hastings, 1-1-17 to 2-10-17. During its early career this hospital was staffed by the personnel of Nos. 1 and 8 Stationary Hospitals. No. 13 General Hospital was organized in October, 1917, and took over this institution

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel E. J. Williams
  • Lieut.-Colonel H. E. Munroe


  • J. Urquhart
  • A. C. Strong

Duchess of Connaught's Canadian Red Cross Hospital (Macphail 217)

Taplow, 16-12-14 to 10-9-17. This hospital was originally staffed by the personnel of No. 1 Casualty Clearing it was reorganized as No. 5 General Hospital

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel C. W. F. Gorrell
  • Colonel D. W. McPherson
  • Colonel J. A. Roberts
  • Colonel W. L. Watt


  • E. Campbell
  • E. Russell.

Ontario Military Hospital (Macphail 217)

Orpington, 19-2-16 to 10-9-17. This hospital was at first staffed by the personnel from the C.A.M.C. Depot. In September, 1917, it was reorganized as No. 16 General Hospital

Officers Commanding:

  • Colonel D. W. McPherson
  • Lieut.-Colonel G. Chambers

Matron: M. H. Smith

Minor Hospitals:

“In addition to the hospitals tabulated, there were many smaller institutions, the buildings being provided by private persons, the staff by Canadian or voluntary aid personnel. These small hospitals had a capacity of from 25 to 125 beds. A daily rate of from 2 to 4 shillings was paid by the Canadian authorities. The majority were in the Shorncliffe area and were annexes to the Shorncliffe Military Hospital.” (Macphail 217-218)

Such institutions were:

For officers only:

“The Limes,” Crowborough

Helena Hospital, Shorncliffe

Perkins Bull Hospital, Putney Heath

Northwood Hospital for Nursing Sisters at Buxton

Convalescent homes for other ranks were:

Hermitage Hospital, Hastings

Dane John, Canterbury

Lympne Castle

Luton House, Selling

Glack House, Deal

Special sanitoria for tubercular patients were:

Pinewood, Wokingham, Ipswich, and Hastings.

The typhoid convalescent cases were:

Wear Bay, Folkestone.

Active treatment hospitals for other ranks were: The

Bevan, Sandgate; Walmer

Queen's, Beechborough Park.

The Canadian Forestry Corps in England had two main hospitals:

Beech Hill, Englefield Green, with 75 beds

Sunningdale with 20 beds.

“There were in addition small detention hospitals averaging 6 beds, attached to each of the Forestry Corps Companies. In France each of the 60 Forestry Corps Companies had small detention hospitals of 6 beds each; in addition hospitals were established at the following places and with a bed capacity as stated” (Macphail 218):

Lajoux, Jura, 150

Alengon, 50;

Gerardmer, 50

Conches, 35

Lesperon, 25

Parentisen-Born, 12

The senior medical officers at various times were:

Lieut.-Colonel F. W. E. Wilson

Lieut.-Colonel J. Hayes

Major W. H. Merritt

Major R. R. Barker (in England)


Salonika, Greece is today referred to as Thessalonika

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