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Second Lieutenant John Douglas Price Scholfield



Date of birth: 1894-05-09
Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Next of kin: Parents the Hon. Henry C and Alexandra L Scholfield, 9 Highland Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Marital status: single
Occupation (attested): stockbroker
Address: 9 Highland Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Religion: Church of England
Date of death: 1917-05-26
Cause of death: Accident


Regimental number: 50745
Rank detail
  1. Second Lieutenant, Central Flying School, Royal Air Force (Air Force). 1917-02-27 to 1917-05-26.

    Note: Transferred "on command" from Bearwood Hospital to the RFC on October 09, 1916 at Denham.  Released from the CEF on being commissioned into the RFC on February 27, 1917.  Had just completed flying training and was awaiting a posting, when killed in a flying accident at Uphaven on May 26, 1917.

  2. Quartermaster, Bearwood Hospital, Canadian Army Medical Corps (Army). 1915-07-30 to 1916-10-09.

    Note: Originally enlisted as a private with the Governor General's Body Guard, but records were lost.  Records of his transfer to England are also missing.  He attested at Shorncliffe, Kent about six months after his original enlistment.  He was already a clerk/sergeant with the Assistant Director of Medical Services staff at Shorncliffe.  Transferred to Bearwood Hospital as one of the original staff in September 1915.  Promoted to Staff Sergeant on November 01, 1915, and to Quartermaster Sergeant a month later.  Transferred "on command" to the Royal Flying Corps Officer Cadet Battalion at Denham.  Released from the CEF on February 27, 1917 upon being commissioned into the RFC.

Degree of service: Great Britain
Survived war: no


CVWM ID: No CVWM ID in our database, but try this.
CWGC ID: 649196
LAC ID: 217047
Attestation record(s): image 1, image 2
Service file: B8698-S055
Uploader's Notes: Son of Mr. H. C. and Mrs. A. L. Scholfield, of Toronto, Ontario. Was a neighbour of Lt FR Gibson
Uploader's Research notes: Son of Mr. H. C. and Mrs. A. L. Scholfield, of Toronto, Ontario. Was a neighbour of Lt FR Gibson


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