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Trooper Mervyn Ross Givan



Date of birth: 1888-12-25
Place of birth: Ballygalley County Antrim Ireland
Next of kin: Mildred Givan, wife. Heche, North Dakota, U.S.A.
Marital status: married
Occupation (attested): Printer
Occupation (normalized): Printer, General
Religion: Presbyterian
Date of death: 1915-05-24
Cause of death: Killed in action


Regimental number: 14536
Highest Rank: Trooper
Rank detail
  1. Trooper (Army).
  2. Trooper (Army). 1914-01-22 ?
  3. Private, 6th Battalion, Infantry (Army). 1914-09-24 to 1915-01-22
Degree of service: Europe
Survived war: no
Commemoration location: Vimy Memorial, France


CVWM ID: No CVWM ID in our database, but try this.
CWGC ID: 1568397
LAC ID: 414118
Attestation record(s): image 1, image 2
Service file: B3572-S065
Uploader's Research notes: [Private Army Canadian Infantry 6th Battalion A Company A member of the First Canadian Contingent which sailed from Canada as part of the 2nd Infantry Brigade on the 3rd of October onboard the S.S. Lapland arriving at Plymouth on the 14th of October. Training continued at West Down South Camp Salisbury Plain until the 15th of December when the Battalion left the Brigade in order to convert back to the cavalry role as the Depot for the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. The Battalion Disbanding on the 22nd of January 1915 excess personel being transfered to Other Infantry Battalions Trooper Army Canadian Cavalry Canadian Cavalry Brigade Trooper Army Canadian Cavalry Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) ]


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