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Lieutenant Lester Bowles ’Mike’ Pearson



Date of birth: 1897-04-23
Place of birth: Newtonbrook Ontario Canada
Next of kin: Reverend Edwin Arthur Pearson, father. Chatham, Ontario
Marital status: single
Occupation (attested): Student
Occupation (normalized): Other Professional, Technical and Related Workers Not Elsewhere Classified
Religion: Wesleyan
Date of death: 1972-12-27


Regimental number: 1059
Highest Rank: Lieutenant
Rank detail
  1. Lieutenant (Army). 1919-04-15 to 1919-04-16
  2. Lieutenant (Air Force). 1917-10-10 to 1919-04-15
  3. Lieutenant (Army). 1917-08-02 to 1917-10-10
  4. Corporal (Army). 1917-03-08 to 1917-08-02
  5. Corporal (Army). 1917-02-09 to 1917-03-08
  6. Private (Army). 1915-04-15 to 1917-02-09
Degree of service: Europe
Survived war: yes


LAC ID: 562397
Attestation record(s): image 1, image 2
Service file: B7688-S015
Uploader's Notes:

Son of Reverend Edwin Arthur Pearson and Anne Sarah Pearson (nee Bowles); husband of Maryon Elspeth Pearson (nee Moody) married August 22, 1925

14th Canadian Prime Minister of Canada from 22 April 1963 to 20 April 1968. Student at University of Toronto, Ontario. Hospital unit he served with was sponsored by the University. Served two years in England, Greece, and Egypt after which he was commissioned an officer then transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. He suffered two flying accidents, the second of which incurred injuries which lead to him being invalided out of the services. It was during his time in flying school that he earned the nickname, 'Mike', since his instructor felt the name Lester was insufficiently "warlike". He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for the part he played in helping to defuse the Suez Crisis of 1956. Member of Canadian Officer Training Corps.

Uploader's Research notes: [Corporal Army Canadian Army Medical Corps Canadian Army Medical Corps Depot Corporal Army Canadian Army Medical Corps No. 4 Canadian General Hospital Lieutenant Army Canadian Infantry 4th Reserve Battalion Commission confirmed in London Gazette 30237, dated August 17, 1917, pg. 8512 effective August 2, 1917 Private Army Canadian Army Medical Corps No. 4 Canadian General Hospital Quartermaster Stores Lieutenant Air Force Royal Flying Corps Royal Flying Corps Lieutenant Army Canadian Infantry 1st Depot Battalion, Western Ontario Regiment ]


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