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Rank unknown Thomas Charles Longboat



Date of birth: 1887-06-04
Place of birth: Brantford Ontario Canada
Next of kin: Loretta Longboat, wife. Caledonia, Ontario
Marital status: married
Occupation (attested): Professional Runner
Occupation (normalized): Professional Sportsman
Address: Caledonia, Ontario
Religion: Church of England
Date of death: 1949-01-09


Regimental number: 862805
Rank detail
  1. Rank unknown, 2nd Battalion, Canadian Engineers, Canadian Engineers (Army). 1918-05-30 to 1919-05-09
  2. Rank unknown (Army). 1917-01-18 to 1918-05-28
  3. Lance Corporal (Army). 1916-06-01 to 1917-01-18
  4. Private (Army). 1916-02-25 to 1917-01-06
  5. Private, 125th Battalion, Infantry (Army). 1916-02-17 to 1916-02-25
Degree of service: Europe
Survived war: yes
Battle wounded/killed: Wounded
Commemoration location: Canadian Sports Hall of Fame


LAC ID: 536020
Attestation record(s): image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4
Service file: B5730-S027
Uploader's Notes:

An Onondaga from the Six Nations Grand River Reserve, a world champion long-distance runner. In 1907, he won the Boston Marathon. In 1909 he won the world professional marathon championships at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. As a despatch carrier with the 107th Pioneer Battalion in France, Longboat ran messages and orders between units. He also kept in competitive form by racing in inter-battalion sporting contests, many of which he won. At the 1918 Canadian Corps Dominion Day competitions, Longboat won the eight-mile [13-kilometre] race.

The famous runner was wounded twice during his time of service. Once he was declared dead, but he survived the war and returned to Canada in 1919 [Wounds are not shown in Longboat's military service record, which would have shown such casualties. This information may have come from reporting errors by the Press, or rumours]. Tom Longboat died in 1949 at the age of 62. He is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and the Indian Hall of Fame.

Uploader's Research notes:

180th Battalion Nominal Roll

His Onondaga Indian name was Cogwagee

[Private Army Canadian Infantry 180th Battalion Transferred from 125th Battalion Dispatch Runner Army Canadian Engineers 107th Pioneer Battalion Headquarters Lance-Corporal Army Canadian Infantry 180th Battalion Private Army Canadian Infantry 125th Battalion Transferred to 180th Battalion Dispatch Runner Army Canadian Engineers 2nd CE Battalion Headquarters ]


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