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James Hannah



Name: Hannah, James
Date of birth: 1887-10-14
Place of birth: Ayrshire Scotland
Name of next of kin: Helen Hannah
Relationship of next of kin: Wife
Address of next of kin: 815 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Marital status: married
Occupation (attested): Telephone Worker
Address: 815 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Height: 63.75 inches
Religion: Presbyterian
Date of death: 1918-06-27
Buried: Halifax Memorial, Panel 2.


Regimental number: 770053
Rank detail
  1. Private 1918-03-21 to 1918-06-27
  2. Private 1917-06-05 to 1918-03-21
  3. Private 1917-03-10 to 1917-06-05
  4. Private 1917-02-27 to 1917-03-10
  5. Private (Army). 1916-10-10 to 1917-02-27
  6. Private, 124th Battalion, Infantry 1916-01-10 to 1916-10-10
Degree of service: Europe
Survived war: no
Battle wounded/killed:

Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle torpedoed 114 miles south-west of the Fastnet Rock by U86

Commemoration location: Prospect Cemetery Toronto Ontario


LAC ID: 442046
Attestation record(s): image 1, image 2
Service file: B4020-S023
Uploader's Notes: The Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle, bound from Halifax, Nova Scotia, for Liverpool, was torpedoed on June 27th, 1918, 114 miles south-west of the Fastnet Rock by U-86. Despite regulation Red Cross lights, the ship was deliberatly torpedeod and most survivors, including 14 Nursing Sisters were machine gunned. The Llandovery Castle became the rallying cry for the Canadian troops during the Last 100 Days offensive.
Uploader's Research notes:

Son of John Hannah and Margaret ‘Maggie’ Hannah (nee Mason); older brother of John Hannah (Service No. 514265); husband of Helen Hannah (nee Bartolo, later Turner) married October 28, 1915


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